Online Writing Classes

Before the pandemic, I rarely took a writing class/workshop. My anxiety was such that I was afraid to be around new people. (I still am.) I had taken a few classes online, but they were asynchronous, meaning you logged in when you were able after the instructor posted a new assignment, and then turned in the homework by the due date.

Once Covid hit, many of the same writing studios/workshops held classes online via Zoom. These were known as live classes. You and your classmates and teacher met at the same time every week, “live.” Despite my anxiety, I was able to attend live classes. I was still afraid of new people, but the security of being on the Internet tempered that fear. I even kept my camera on. And unlike an in-person class, students can be from all over the world.

That doesn’t mean I was without anxiety, like about speaking up in class or worse, being called on. I usually felt like I had nothing important to say. One class I took was live, but instead of being held on Zoom, it was via a chat box where people typed in their comments during an allotted time. I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, so I didn’t like the format.

Here is a list of writing studios/workshops from which I have taken classes and liked (in no particular order). There are definitely more out there.

Have you taken an online writing class? What was it like? Please let me know in the comments.

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