Depression and Writing

I’ve been in a depressive episode since the beginning of February. Normally when this happens, I quit writing. This time I haven’t. I haven’t been as productive as I was pre-depression, but I am still writing.

My psychiatrist has exhausted most of the different medication options. Some work for a while then stop. Others don’t work at all. I’ve had electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) quite a bit in the past. Like some medications, it didn’t last long. And I won’t do it again because it (along with having bipolar, some medications, and age) messed up my memory.

So he suggested ketamine infusion. He had mentioned it once before, but I didn’t look into it because insurance doesn’t cover it. Anyway, it is as it sounds: the doctor administers ketamine via IV. This may be used as a street drug, but when used properly it can improve depression symptoms right away. Insurance still doesn’t cover it, but I’m desperate.

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