A Writing Retreat

This past weekend I was at a writing retreat at Ragdale in Lake Forest, IL. It was my first one so I didn’t know what to expect. It’s also been a long time since I’ve traveled alone, so fortunately Lake Forest was only about 30 miles away. Going on this retreat by myself was huge for me.

We spent much of the time in group sessions, though there was plenty of time for individual writing. The groups were made up of craft talks, some workshopping, and reading our work out loud. Meals were provided, so we ate together. The people I met were great (there were 12 of us), and the instructor, Abby Geni, was awesome. At the end of each session, she sent us away with prompts that we could work on (or not!).

This retreat was through Story Studio Chicago, from where I take a lot of classes, mostly online since they offer that. There are a few more retreats later this year, so check them out!

Here are pictures of my room. I had my own screened-in porch! I wish I had taken pictures of the grounds because it was beautiful.

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